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Our API documentation adheres to the OpenAPI v3 specifications and is meticulously crafted in YAML format, consolidated into a single, easily accessible file for your convenience. Feel free to review and propose any edits through our Github repository. You have the option to open the specification using ReDoc.js, or alternatively, download the file and integrate it into Postman, Insomnia, or your preferred REST API building and testing tool.


Document Released Status Download specification
OpenAPI v1.4 2024-04-27 (Stable) https://s3-objects.99stack.com/.../docs/docs-v-1.4.yaml
OpenAPI v1.3 2023-10-20 (Deprecated) https://s3-objects.99stack.com/.../docs/docs-v-1.3.yaml
OpenAPI v1.2 2022-03-15 (Abandoned) (Archived) Most functions are restricted
OpenAPI v1.1 2020-09-03 (Abandoned) (Archived) Most functions are restricted
OpenAPI v1.0 2017-08-30 (Abandoned) (Archived) Most functions are restricted

Which version to use

Always use the latest available version and be sure to check back here occasionally for updates. When making requests, always pay attention to headers such as Deprecated or X-Deprecation-Notice, as they will indicate when it's time to upgrade to a newer version.

The meaning of "status"

Once the status is set to Deprecated, the version will still function thanks to backward compatibility. However, known issues will only be addressed in the most recent version. Please refrain from reporting issues affecting a deprecated version, as they may already be resolved in the latest version.

Abandoned versions

Abandoned versions are completely unsupported and are kept alive through compatibility layers that translate old requests into modern ones. A version typically becomes abandoned after being Deprecated for several years and may stop functioning at any time. Use them at your own risk.